Innovating around the world: extending our impact to New Zealand

news | Words Keren Caple | 18 Oct 2017

Innovation Unit Australia has formed an exciting new union with New Zealand’s Innovate Change, as the two organisations signed an official partnership agreement today.

Innovate Change is a social enterprise that uses creative and participatory approaches to build social connectedness; enabling youth development, family well-being and positive ageing.

Innovate Change share our mission, values, and mind-set, and we know we can have far more impact in the Asia Pacific region if we work together.  We’ll second staff to each other’s organisations; we’ll appoint cross-organisational teams working on some projects; and we’ll collaborate to develop social innovation in the Asia Pacific region.

More broadly, we’ll learn from and support each other, recognising that we are better situated to grow and evolve when we team up.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please reach out to our Chief Executive in Australia, Keren Caple.