About us

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Who we are, what we believe in, and what we do to create change

We use innovation to help create a world where more people belong and contribute to thriving societies.

Thriving societies are:

We focus on enabling:

We build alliances with ambitious places, organisations and systems around the world to make sure innovation has lasting impact, at scale.

What we believe

Innovation Unit believes in the power and potential of people to create change for the better

Innovation is driven & liberated by:


What people are capable of.


Their ability to create change in their own lives.


The energy that comes from people acting together to solve problems and create solutions.

What we do

Our approach to innovation is based on ten years working with ambitious partners in the UK, Australia and around the world.

We do three things to create impact:

High impact consultancy

Applying and sharing our expertise in what it takes to have impact through innovation at scale.

Initiating & growing ventures

Leading and contributing to alliances for change, and securing investment to grow new solutions 'on the ground' where we can make a significant impact.

Generating demand for innovation

Actively sharing what we think, believe and know about where innovation is needed and the positive change it can create.