About us

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Our vision, mission and areas of impact

We want to see a world in which all people belong and contribute to thriving societies.

To achieve this vision, we must challenge and change the systems that people who experience vulnerability and disadvantage rely on most.

Currently, the systems for children and families, mental health, health and care, justice and violence and education are struggling to overcome persistent inequalities.

We know there are ambitious leaders trying to change these systems; who want to create more person-centred and effective services that make a real and lasting difference, particularly for those living with significant disadvantage.

We also know that it is hard to make a real and lasting difference when leaders are dealing with budget pressures, staff shortages and  a pressure to deliver quick results.  Local systems are often very complex, and can actively work against making sustained change and taking risks.

Innovation Unit can help.

We are a social enterprise with a mission to grow and scale the boldest and best innovations that deliver long-term impact for people, address persistent inequalities, and transform the systems that surround them.

Our innovation and impact formula combines decades of practical experience with recent research, to help you design new solutions, implement them successfully and take them to scale for greater impact.

Adopt and adapt proven innovations

We help local systems to adopt and adapt innovations that have been successful elsewhere, by helping them understand where fidelity is essential, and where things need to flex to fit a new context.

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and adapt

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Designing new solutions

We have a unique approach to building lasting change. We’re a multidisciplinary organisation that brings together experts in design, leadership, coaching, research, and systems thinking alongside experience and knowledge of the sectors we work in.

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Designing new

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Innovation programmes

We design and deliver innovation programmes that develop new ideas, test and evaluate promising innovations, and spread and scale the most successful.

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Learning partnerships and programmes

We play the role of learning partner: helping organisations and systems learn from practice, research evidence and lived experience. We run formative evaluations and deliver learning programmes that connect and share learning between innovators and adopters.

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Learning partnerships
and programmes

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