Growing New Systems Framework

At Innovation Unit, we work with places and partners to solve today’s urgent problems, whilst growing sustainable solutions for the future. We help to build safe and credible pathways between the two.

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We do this through Growing People Centred Systems:

Growing New Systems Framework

Start with culture – we help to refresh purpose and nurture relational ways of working between people

Realise agency – we help unlock the potential of people as a vital source of energy and insight in a system

Grow power – we help redesign the governance and accountability through which power flows in a system to be equitable, and aligned with purpose.

This framework distils 20 years of practice and insight – and it is a work in progress.

Would you like to learn more and share your perspective? We want your help to test and improve our growing people-centred systems framework with other experts by experience, commissioners, funders, community leaders, front line professionals and educators.

You’re invited to a session where we’ll explore what it takes to grow new systems in practice, sharing experiences, insights and opportunities across sectors and places.

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