In conversation with… William Roberts

news | Words Sarah Ward | 19 Mar 2018

The latest NHS Confederation podcast looks at new care models in the NHS. Innovation Unit’s Health and Social Care Lead, William Roberts, offers his insight and experience of successfully spreading change across networks.

Last week, William Roberts met with Matthew McNair-Smith, Policy and Membership Manager at the NHS Confederation to consider the key factors needed to scale up and spread initiatives so that success can be replicated in other places.

“Most good change I’ve seen starts with relationships.”William Roberts

In addition to the key factors for scale, William discusses the importance of adaptation when replicating an innovation in a new area. In ‘Against the Odds: Successfully Scaling Innovation in the NHSresearch shows that innovations that have successfully scaled have shared some level of adaptation. People have taken the core idea of the innovation, maintained its integrity and then built it into the local area, taking contextual factors into consideration.

This podcast is part of a briefing series by the NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioners, NHS Providers and the Local Government Association to help share learning from the vanguards. You can listen to the full podcast here.