Tom Beresford


Tom is an Associate who brings his particular passion for new school design to a range of Innovation Unit’s education programmes. Tom is currently co-leading Innovation Unit’s School Design Lab – working with new and existing schools internationally to (re)design schools for extraordinary learning. He is also a part of the research team working with the Aga Khan Development Network to renew and transform their Education Services’ Outcome Charter and Education Technology Strategy. Previously, Tom coordinated Innovation Unit’s flagship education programme REAL Projects – the UK’s first randomised control trial of project based learning – leading on the programme’s learning strategy and convening it’s emerging REAL Projects Network.

Tom has also led research and service design teams across Innovation Unit’s other Areas of Impact, working with: the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative – a health, social care and well being collaborative focusing on supporting a particular cohort of people to build personal resilience and community-based interdependence; and the Derbyshire County Council’s Thriving Communities initiative – a prototyping hub that is testing a new joined-up, holistic and aspirations-led model of provision.

He was recently awarded a travelling research fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to explore how student-centred learning approaches can scale and spread beyond their site of origin. Human-scale at Scale will be published later in 2017.