How do we reinvent school for the modern world?

The thriving societies of tomorrow need thriving young people today: children and young adults who want and are able to positively shape the world around them. But our current school model isn’t working – for young people themselves or for society as a whole. Because not all young people get the same chances to succeed and most are not being well prepared for a future that is uncertain.

Imagine a school system that truly contributes to the creation of thriving societies. Where education is reinvented to tackle the real challenges we face, and where all young people learn how to thrive.

The problem

37% of children

from low income families achieved 5 GCSE qualifications at grade A*-C including English and Maths in 2015

By 2020 over ⅓

of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today

“Schools need to be reinvented as a key part of learning eco-systems; webs of civil society institutions powerful enough to enable humanity to address the problems which both threaten it and offer spectacular opportunities. Schools in diverse settings and conditions are already innovating their foci and their methods to help their learners - not just pass tests, or even get a job - but to thrive.” Valerie Hannon

We believe that for young people to thrive they need:

  • The right conditions for well being – to grow up safe and well, and to be nurtured through strong, supportive relationships.
  • Opportunities to develop as people and citizens – to create their own path and a positive personal identity, to develop empathy so they can live and contribute alongside others and as part of a diverse global community.
  • Agency that is built on both knowledge and skills – to fulfil their individual potential, to be able to deal with and respond to change positively, to create, lead and pursue opportunities, to act collectively to create better futures for themselves and others.

Our vision is a bold one, and we are under no illusion about the challenges of creating change within education systems. But we are inspired by ten years experience of new school and learning designs, globally and in the UK, and we know first hand what is possible to achieve through a collaboration of great partners.

Right now, in the UK, Australia and internationally, we are:


Supporting screenings of the award winning film Most Likely to Succeed, along with follow up workshops to help educators consider the implications for their own practice.

Publishing and launching Thrive: Schools reinvented for the real challenges we face, by Valerie Hannon.


Working to establish Extraordinary Learning Multi Academy Trust – a group of schools exploring new models of learning that will help all young people to thrive.

Designing a school for the future in Qatar and developing a new outcomes charter with Aga Khan Education Services.

Designing the pedagogy, curriculum and education technology strategies for Rising Academies – an ambitious new network of affordable, high quality and innovative schools in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Bringing proven approaches to engaging some of the most disengaged young people in their learning to the UK through Big Picture Learning in Doncaster.

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