Named Social Worker Update

news | 16 Nov 2017

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The Department of Health initiated the Named Social Worker programme to build an understanding of how having a named social worker can contribute to the quality of life, for individuals with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs. It aims to put people and their families in control of decisions about their future, supporting them to live with dignity and independence. It is about trying something different, piloting new ideas and generating early and indicative evidence as to their impact.

Phase 1 saw six sites kick-off and begin piloting their named social worker approaches. As a result, we saw progression towards discharge for individuals where this was not previously an option; individuals feeling more supported by their social worker; and the building of better support plans based on people’s aspirations.

Phase 2 of the programme has now begun, so what’s been happening so far?


In this update, we hear from Lyn Romeo on the programme’s ambition, Linda Jackson from SCIE on coproducing outcomes, introduce the 6 pilot sites and invite you to our December webinar!


My ambition for NSW phase 2, by Lyn Romeo

My ambition for Phase 2 of the Named Social Worker programme is simple: people with learning disabilities are supported to live a good life.

Already, we have learnt a lot from Phase 1 about what has worked well and what it takes to work in a different way that improves outcomes. This phase now provides a route to beginning to crystalise what an excellent person-centred approach of working alongside people with learning disabilities and the people around them, looks like. This particularly focuses on equipping and supporting social workers to be the enablers and deliverers of high quality and responsive asset-based care. To be able to use strengths and asset-based social work to make people’s lives better.

By the end of Phase 2 of the programme we hope to have a social work practice model which puts a spotlight on what we mean by good social work, in the context of working with people with learning disabilities. This is both about what is distinctive in this work, and being ambitious for what good practice is.

Phase 2 sites will also be challenging themselves to engage in true codesign with people with learning disabilities with interventions and plans that are drawn from people themselves, placing individuals, their experiences and their ideas at the heart. The programme offers an opportunity for the six pilot sites to learn how to involve individuals meaningfully in their care, evaluate what works and share the learning with the wider sector. Read more

Meet the six sites

Find out who the six sites are, who they are working with, and how they are adapting the named social worker approach to fit their local context. Find out more

Making a Difference, Linda Jackson, SCIE

What makes life worth living? Linda Jackson, evaluation expert from SCIE, explores how co-producing outcomes can make people’s lives better, and will make sure we’re measuring what matters. Read Linda’s blog

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