Zoe O'Neill

Senior Project Lead

Zoe joined Innovation Unit as a Senior Project Lead in 2022. She brings an expertise in family and domestic violence, child care and protection, housing and welfare rights, as well as anti-discrimination work and racial equity. Her work is characterised by a deep curiosity and creativity of thought, which she brings to all projects she works on.

Zoe has spent her career working with not-for-profit organisations, including in project management and service design. She has also practiced as a lawyer for over a decade, using her passion for equity to promote access to justice for vulnerable people. She has also worked in governance and strategy, and has well developed skills in facilitation and education delivery.

Zoe completed postgraduate study in Social Impact at the University of Western Australia’ Centre for Social Impact building upon her interests in innovation, complex systemic change, and new ways of thinking and feeling for human based systems.

Zoe works across a broad spectrum of projects at Innovation Unit, playing a role in all stages from field research, facilitating co-design, all the way through to prototyping and scaling. Alongside her work at Innovation Unit, Zoe sits on various boards and committees, where she helps lead organisations in a way that harnesses the innovating for a better future, with a ‘no-one left behind’ mentality.