Tally Daphu

Tally Daphu

Senior Project Lead

Tally is a Senior Project Lead at Innovation Unit, joining the team in 2018. She is interested in whole systems approaches that deliver impact for people at scale. She is passionate about developing learning experiences and co-desiging innovations to address complex social problems and inequalities. Tally works across a range of Innovation Unit projects, from research and discovery through to prototyping and implementation and leadership and change management. Her work has spanned several sectors, including out-of-home care, mental health, climate action, family and domestic violence, and housing and homelessness.

Tally was the Learning Lead for the Department for Education (UK) Strengthening Families, Protecting Children Programme, supporting 17 local authorities to improve their work with families and enable more children to stay at home, and Programme Manager for Living Well UK, delivering innovations in adult community mental health services in four places across the UK (inspired by the Living Well model developed in Lambeth). 

Tally’s expertise sits across a range of content areas including supporting the development of meaningful partnerships and learning experiences, coaching, facilitation, strategic planning, implementation, change management, stakeholder engagement and communications.

Before joining Innovation Unit, Tally spent over a decade working for Shelter (a national housing and homelessness charity), in various roles, from delivering frontline services to managing complex projects and programmes across the UK.