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Formula segment: Design new solutions

Formula segment: Design new solutions

Stories of Impact: Always Hope

GoodLives GM

Invitation to Transform

Young Responders with St John Ambulance

Always Hope

Bridging the Gaps

Care experienced young people are more likely to reoffend on release from prison than non-care leavers of a similar age. They often lack family relationships and other support networks and there is a proven correlation between maintenance of family relationships in prevention of reoffending.

Unleashing Brilliance: ELEVATE

As Australia sees a decline in the academic growth of its top-performing learners in international tests, so educators are noticing that the highest achieving students are ‘playing the game’ of school. They’re present, but not always feeling engaged or being intellectually stretched.

Named Social Worker

Integrated employment support

Meaningful work makes a key contribution to a healthy, happy life, but many people are prevented from working because of unmet health needs. Innovation Unit have worked with the Work and Health Unit and the Learning and Work Institute to create the Integrated Employment Support Programme.

Childhood obesity

A new care model for older people



There remain children and families whose early learning and development needs go unmet. We believe that every young Australian deserves a great start to life, and an even better future.

STEM Innovation Partnerships

Thriving Communities

When people are given the power to shape a vision for their community, and the resources to make it happen, they grasp it. But when we talk about public services, this kind of agency is rarely part of the equation.