Here is a full list of publications by The Innovation Unit (listed in alphabetical order). You may also be interested in our Toolkits section.

Across the world there is a growing global movement towards achieving the vision of 21st century education. Here we present our view of what this vision looks like in practice.
The world is changing quickly and education must change with it. Here we showcase a collection of schools that are rising to the challenge.
The Department of Health have asked Innovation Unit and Social Care Institute for Excellence to work with 6 sites to develop, implement and evaluate a Named Social Worker for people with Learning Disa
Developed as part of our Next Practice in System Leadership work, this booklet examines the need to gather baseline data in order to capture emergent learning from trial sites.
This pamphlet presents some of the emerging findings on what we mean by engagement and how we might achieve it in all schools.
Bedford is home to an innovative education programme that exhibits some of the core ideas of Learning Futures in practice: the Parent-Led and Community-based Education (PLACE) scheme, which is best de
One of the challenges of designing project-based learning in schools is ensuring that students acquire the appropriate range of subject content in addition to doing in-depth research in a specific are
“If you can crack the problem of engagement – not just ‘are you paying attention?’, but ‘are you fascinated by this?’ – if you can crack engagement in deep learning then you’ve cracked 21st century sc