Ellie Hegarty

Ellie Hegarty

Senior Graphic Designer

Ellie Hegarty is a Senior Graphic Designer who works across the entire UK Innovation Unit portfolio.

She uses graphic design to elevate and visually codify complex innovations to enable a wider reach and deeper understanding for service users and stakeholders alike. 

Ellie works in partnership with local communities, groups and organisations to build brand identities that provide lasting ownership, voice and autonomy. She is currently working on establishing anti-racist brand guidelines for Innovation Unit as well as meeting WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards across project work to provide designs that can connect with and impact as many people as possible.

Ellie is also a graphic design coach for the Innovation Unit Design Academy, delivering masterclasses on the value of visualisation and design principles within service design practice.

Above all she aims to work with sensitivity and care gained through deep understanding and meaningful conversations with clients.