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We develop new solutions
and create impact at scale

Innovation Unit is a social enterprise based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We work internationally, applying disciplined approaches to develop new solutions and create impact at scale.


We are outcomes and impact focused. We work with our partners and clients to deliver the tangible and measurable changes they, and we, want to see in the world.


Through our projects and ventures we identify, create and scale evidence-based solutions, mainly focused on:

children’s social care, learning & schoolshealthy lives,              early years and mental health.

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The UK's mental health system has been fundamentally changed by the Covid-19 crisis. How can we move from crisis to renewal?

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Violence affecting young people in Greater Manchester: 350 people share their experiences and solutions in new report out today.

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False choices and gaps in the mental health system: why we need new systems of support that help people to live well.

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Classrooms are not enough - new research calls for learners to get out of the classroom more and grasp the opportunities of local learning ecosystems.

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A new report by Innovation Unit ANZ shares mothers’ experiences of distress and wellbeing during pregnancy and the first year of motherhood.

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