Cath Dillon

Cath Dillon

Director of Innovation

Cath leads a portfolio of large scale innovation projects across Innovation Unit’s children’s social care and health & social care consultancy work. Cath also leads a consultancy team and oversees the quality and impact of our project work.

Cath is currently leading the adoption and adaption of No Wrong Door across six local authorities: Manchester, Trafford, Stockport, Salford, Rochdale and Wigan as part of a wider Children’s Social Care Innovation Spreading and Scaling Programme in Greater Manchester. The programme is being funded by DfE to scale and spread innovation in children’s social care, building on initial work of Rochdale, Stockport, Salford and Wigan that focusses on vulnerable adolescents, edge of care and support to families with complex needs.

Since joining Innovation Unit Cath has worked closely on the DfE’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme which has supported and challenged over sixty innovation projects across the country with the potential to transform the children’s social care sector.

Cath’s background is diverse: a registered social worker, Cath has led transformation and change across a number of health, social care and community organisations large and small. Cath joined Innovation Unit in early 2016 from social enterprise Participle, having spent three years as a director building and delivering big strategic innovation partnership projects, scaling independent social enterprises focussed on ageing and families in chronic crisis. The golden thread running throughout Cath’s career being the belief in the ability for connections, relationships and networks of support to help bring about lasting change for people and communities.