Joseph Harrington

Senior Associate

Jo is a Senior Associate at Innovation Unit and an international design leader specialising in transformation of complex organisations and systems. Jo set up and formerly led our design studio and has led the world-leading design course at Goldsmiths University. Jo has been integral to the development of the Lambeth Collaborative for mental health, a new model for primary care mental health services that is radically reducing hospital admissions. In Derbyshire, he works with the County Council and a wide range of other partners to fundamentally change the way that families are supported.

Overall, Jo’s work is often founded on the authentic and complex stories of real people. He is comfortable in the complexity of organisations and systems and brings perspectives and processes that give control and agency so that they can be transformed. Much of Jo’s work focusses on the need to expand the imagination of what might be possible to create a space in which alternative visions and futures can emerge. This has been applied to Jo’s work to redesign hospitals in the UK, developing new models of education in Brazil and the US and developing new ways of supporting people leading complex lives. Jo also has a background working in social services with young people in care and the criminal justice system.

Jo has previously led public-sector work at Engine and worked with both Participle and Uscreates. He is co-founder and co-director of Worldwide International Global Solutions, an organisation committed to helping people around the world to get ahead, which works in partnership with Innovation Unit and Innovation Unit Australia.