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We build alliances with ambitious places, organisations and systems around the world to make sure innovation has lasting impact, at scale.

We do our best, most exciting work when we partner with people and organisations who share our values and our ambitions for change. If that’s you, please get in touch with us to explore how we could work together.

A reminder of what do to create impact:

High value innovation consultancy

Applying and sharing our expertise in what it takes to make innovation with impact happen at scale.

To find out more about our consultancy work, get in touch with Matthew Horne.

Initiating and growing new ventures

Leading and contributing to alliances for change, and securing investment to grow new solutions ‘on the ground’ where we can make a significant impact.

If you are interested in being part of or starting a new venture or tackling one our challenges, get in touch with Lizzie Insall.

Generating the demand for innovation

Actively sharing what we think, believe and know about where innovation is needed and the positive changes it can create.

If you’re interested in our ideas, events or publications, or would like one of our team to speak at an event, get in touch with Caireen Goddard.


“Through our work with the Innovation Unit, we have learned how to develop practices that are replicable, scalable and sustainable. Innovation Unit brings an incredible breadth and depth of expertise - in education, leadership, innovation, service design, evaluation - that is utterly transformative; we will never go back to the ways we did things before working with them!”

Stacey Quince,

“Working across the education system in British Columbia, the Innovation Unit team has taken our thinking to new places and landed new ideas through a rigorous approach to innovation. They have focused on enabling more productive relationships between schools in bringing innovative practice to life. Their contribution to the development of BC as one of the world’s leading education systems has been significant.”

Rod Allen,

"Our partnership with Innovation Unit has been about demonstrating the value of design led approaches and growing - not just our practical skills - but our culture to apply a design lens. We believe that to realise the change we want to see in Lambeth, design thinking applied at scale and across all layers of the system is critical."

Denis O’Rourke,

“Being clear about the learning outcomes we want for students is challenging, complex and incredibly important foundational work for us. Innovation Unit have been just the right partners. Their expertise, commitment and the intellectual rigour they apply is delivering us a charter that we believe will truly deepen and enrich the education we offer.”

Margery Evans,

“ELEVATE is a bold forward thinking initiative of AISNSW. To realise our ambition we specifically sought out Innovation Unit as a strategic partner to work with us because of their global perspective and proven impact. We wanted to offer schools the opportunity to engage in a robust innovation process to redesign practice and to equip them with methods that will serve them well into the future.”

Sharon Cheers,

“The team at the Innovation Unit are brilliant at bringing structure and clarity to thorny problems. Facilitating a room of opinionated innovators is no easy feat, and yet they always manage to bring some new insight. That has helped bring new perspective to the scaling challenges we faced, and renewed vigour to our approach!”

Tom Whicher,


We’re often on the lookout for talented, thoughtful, collaborative individuals with the passion, commitment and ability that’s needed to bring our work to life.


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