Why choose us

We are innovation experts. Many organisations include innovation as one of their areas of expertise. For us it is everything that we do. If it doesn’t count as innovation then we won’t get involved.

We only work in public services. Our mission is to tackle major social problems using the power of innovation. Of course, we work closely with private sector and civil society partners but our focus is on transforming public services. 

We have radical ambitions. Many organisations help public services to improve incrementally; and many organisations work on a small scale to make a local difference. However, our ambitions are greater than this. We support radical innovation in public services and we achieve change on a large scale, by creating better system conditions for innovation. 

We have a strong track record working inside and outside government. Our team have worked at all levels in public service, in central and local government and delivering services direct to the public. 

We are the organisation for radical efficiency – different, better, lower cost public services. We understand that innovation is not a luxury, and that innovation has to more than pay for itself. We are experienced at developing new services and systems that are radically different, deliver better outcomes and significantly lower costs. 

We put public service before profits. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, which means we care about improving things for everyone. We use what we know to influence public debate, re-shape public policy and transform public services, leading to improvements that everyone can learn from.

Watch this video to get a flavour of what it's like to work with us.

Prevention Matters: Building Community Capacity through Co-production in Buckinghamshire from Innovation Unit on Vimeo.