Ruth Kennedy

Senior Associate
Ruth is a public service innovator, particularly focused on helping top-level leaders, strategists, policy makers and practitioners realise the vision of high-impact public services designed around the capabilities and needs of users. Ruth blends expertise on learning, design, innovation, leadership and culture, gently but persuasively enabling people to break out of existing ways of thinking and doing. She loves the energy that gets released by deep collaboration around a common goal.

Ruth's role often involves creating opportunities for people to think in new ways, in order to generate new insights and shared problem framing. Ruth and her teams then mobilise collaborative energy and commitment to shaping and delivering shared solutions.

An ex-senior civil servant (inc. Cabinet Office, No10, DfES), Ruth was until Aug 2008 Director of Consulting at public sector market intelligence experts Kable, (now part of Guardian News & Media), where she led the 'Ideal Government' strand of work, including the creation of the transformative leadership experience, ThePublicOffice.

Ruth has recently been deeply involved in ‘Total Place’, designing and leading the programme in Croydon and acting as ‘External Agitator’ to the Greater Manchester pilot. Ruth is particularly excited about establishing learning cultures and embedding capabilities which lead to sustainable improvements in services, and in making the learning connections between innovations on the periphery and the mainstream 'System'. She is also an Adviser at the Leadership Centre for Local Government.