Learning a Living

Check out our new book "Learning a Living: radical innovation in education for work" by our very own Valerie Hannon, Sarah Gillinson and Leonie Shanks.

Commissioned by the World Education Summit for Education, the book explores examples of radical innovation across five continents directed at designing learning opportunities for people (from ages 4-90) to enable them to be successful in creating prosperous, sustainable economies.

There is currently a massive disconnect between the world of education and the world of work. There is widespread unemployment; yet businesses are struggling to fill vacancies. Globally more and more graduates are being produced, but few are well-equipped for rapidly changing economies.

Through an analysis of the key drivers of change and worldwide case studies of innovation (captured by the acclaimed photographer Reza) the authors show why the problems lie deeper than simply matching the right skills to opportunities. Rather they argue that solving this problem requires engagement with fundamental questions on the purposes of education. The book proposes an agenda- not merely for vocational education - but for transforming learning – and demonstrates how great innovators are making this happen.

The book is available to buy. You can also check out the first chapter here.