21st Century Learning

Our education system is falling behind other countries and failing nearly 1 million children who manage to get to 18 without the skills to enter the world of work.

An example of our work we are doing to address this is REAL Projects, an innovative approach to teaching in which students design, plan and carry out projects based on real world issues and develop skills fit for the 21st century. This work has generated innovation, impact and influence.

With funding from EEF, we are working with 25 schools across the UK over the next two years to implement REAL, involving 3,600 children in years seven and eight. Far more than traditional teaching, REAL Projects focus on engaging young people in their learning. Innovation Unit is providing schools with classroom and leadership coaches from our partners in the US, High Tech High.

We know from evaluation in the US that REAL Projects have a positive impact on levels of attainment and engagement, particularly among students from poorer backgrounds. Innovation Unit is building an evidence base in the UK, but Learning through REAL Projects has already started to drive radical transformation in UK schools.

This work has influenced schools across the UK. We are now working with a large number of schools that are not connected with the trial, and demand for our small band of expert REAL Projects coaches continues to grow.