Learning through REAL Projects

REAL Projects is a new model of schooling developed by High Tech, a group of highly successful charter schools in San Diego, California. High Tech High see 97% of students go on to university, with 25% holding a degree in STEM subjects. If you'd like to work with High Tech High teachers get in touch.

Learning through REAL Projects combines a challenging academic curriculum with project-based learning. Personalisation, adult world connection, common intellectual mission and teacher as designer signal radical departure from conventional high school structures and practices. REAL Projects use student enquiry, feedback and public exhibition of student work to promote deep learning of subject knowledge and learning that has a real impact on the world outside school.

There is evidence from the US that REAL Projects have a strong positive impact on student achievement, student engagement in learning and students’ success at College and University.

We are working with teachers from High Tech High to support pioneering schools in England to develop world class practice. We work with schools from Cornwall to Northumberland, with Academies, Local Authority Schools, Studio Schools and Free Schools. Our expert team will work with middle and senior leaders, alongside teaching teams, to work towards the timetable, staffing and structural arrangements that will help your school to achieve transformed learning outcomes for its students.

We can offer schools exclusive access to our teachers from High Tech High for a limited time only. Check out our brochure for more information or get in touch with our team kim.schilling@innovationunit.org. 

To find out more about High Tech High check out their resume, this blog and their website